Dear Frustrated Dater,

Let’s face it – with all the dating advice book options available to folks these days, you’re never going to be able to weed out the good from the bad by yourself (trust us, there’s a lot of bad out there). That’s why we’ve created this site…to help you succeed in your dating life faster and with effortless ease, by giving you the goods on only the BEST dating advice books out there.

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If you want to increase your success in life, or dating, it’s up to you to make the effort. And getting a good dating advice book is step #1 of that effort. Step #2 is applying what you learn. We want to make step #1 easy for you…

We figure you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying every average dating advice book that comes out on the market – OR – you can cut right to the chase and find the best books on dating ever released…all for FREE, right here!

We’ve put in the hours weeding out the good from the bad, and only included the good. So, whether you’re looking for a book to learn something specific, like the basics of online dating, or the something more advanced, like pick-up or seduction techniques (to use ethically, of course), chances are, you’ll find just what you’re looking for, right here in our reviews.

The purpose of this site is to curate ONLY THE BEST dating advice books out there. If they didn’t make the cut, you won’t find them here, full stop. If you think we’ve missed a great one, or would like us to review a particular book to include here, don’t be shy, you can contact us here (link to contact page).

That’s about it – so take a moment or two, browse around, and see if you can find a book that you think might help YOU improve your dating life. Something that will improve your individual situation, and something you can take action with to improve your dating life. Because we all know that unless YOU take the steps to improve your dating life, it simply ain’t gonna happen! So get out there, get learning, and be sure to use what you learn…your successful dating life awaits!

The Team at

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p.p.s. You can thank us later. We like fine wine and expensive vacations ;)

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